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App Development

Enough Software supports companies in planning and creating mobile apps. Our expertise includes creating strategies and concepts for apps, mobile UI and UX designs and coding smartphone and tablet software.

How we realize your app

App Coaching

We are always happy to share our know-how and experience, for example by helping companies optimize existing projects or setting up their own mobile app development teams.

How we create successful app teams

Our credo: Agile, open and goal-oriented

Developing software is a creative, communicative process that needs a collaborative environment. We want to enjoy our work and we want every stakeholder to make his voice heard.
We value open, transparent communication both within project teams and when working with our clients.

More about us

Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy

We started publishing this handbook in 2009. It summarizes everything you need to know to get started in the app business. The current 15th edition was published in late February 2015. 20 international experts share the basics of app development and app marketing. It is available for free as a hardcopy, pdf and ebook.

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