Our Team: Small but Mighty

Enough Software was born in 2005. Everything started in the living room of our founder Robert Virkus where we created J2ME Polish, the open source framework for Java ME development. Back in those days no one outside the small mobile software business understood anything of what we have been doing. Then came the iPhone and everything changed very quickly. Our company's focus also shifted more and more towards app development as a service. 

Both then and now we set high value on open and direct communication which is why we work in a relatively small team. We are 25 developers, designers, project managers and consultants that know each other's strengths and can rely on each other, especially in critical project phases.

Transparency and honesty are also key elements of our customer relationship. Thereby we assure that all stakeholders act in concert and on a common ground of goals.

Our team members are constantly invited as speakers to share their know-how on events like the droidcon, Apps World, Mobile TechCon, BlackBerry DevCon, Mobile Developer Week the World Usability Day and a lot more. and of course many of them contribute to our Mobile Developer's Guide To The Galaxy as authors.

Our office is located in the heart of Bremen, North-Western Germany.

We do not support military or nuclear energy related projects.

Your Personal Contacts

You are looking for a partner in creating a mobile app and would like to get to know more about us? We are looking forward to receiving your e-mail or phone call!

Marco Tabor

Marketing & Sales

Marco joined Enough Software in 2008. Being one of the few non-coders at Enough Software, he is mainly responsible for sales, marketing and project management. He also coordinates the Mobile Developer's Guide To The Galaxy project.
In his spare time Marco is playing in a punk band, travels as much as he can and takes care of his hyperactive little dog Nala.

Marco on LinkedIn, Xing & Twitter
E-mail: marco(at)enough.de

Vanessa Heinsohn

Sales Managerin

Vanessa is the second "non-techie" besides Marco among our team. In 2011 she left Hamburg and her job at a software provider and joined us in Bremen. Today she is taking care of our customers during any project phase, from initializing the contact to preparing offers and managing active projects.
She usually spends her spare time with her familiy: Three-year old Lasse always keeps her on her toes.

Vanessa on LinkedIn & Xing
E-mail: vanessa(at)enough.de

Robert Virkus


Robert has worked in the mobile industry since 1999. He created J2ME Polish, an Open Source framework for Java ME developers in 2004. Soon after, he commercialized this software and therefore founded Enough Software.
He spends his spare time with his wife and his two kids or with working on embedded electronic projects. And whenever time allows, he is coding software.

Robert bei XingLinkedIn & Twitter
E-mail: robert(at)enough.de

Michael Koch


Michael is a long-time open source enthusiast. Besides his activities at Enough Software as a project manager, lead developer and technical strategist, he has been active as a contributor to several open source projects, including GCC, GNU Compiler for Java, GNU Classpath, JamVM, Kaffe, KDE and Debian.
His spare time is largely consumed by his family with two small kids.

Michael on LinkedIn, Xing & Twitter
E-mail: michael(at)enough.de