Our Purpose

Enough Software establishes meaningful open content communities and enriches them with human focused and emotional design.

Our first community we try to create is www.openexperiments.org: a place to share scientific experiment descriptions under a Creative Commons license. Think Wikipedia for experiments.

Looking for the Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy? Please visit www.mobiledevelopersguide.com.

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Our communities start with a meaning. We want to bring humanity to the next level and focus on areas such as education, political participation, and science.

Open Content

By making the content of our communities freely available, others can build upon it and improve it further. The content our communities create is meant to be useful for everyone, not just us.

Human Focused

We enrich our communities with a human focused and emotional design. We do not want to make humans fit our technology, our technology fits humans instead.


30 Jul 2017 . enough . Bye, bye, Enough Software - long live Enough Software!

Open Xchange took over all Enough Software employees, our office and even the furniture. Is this the end of Enough Software?

It certainly is the end of Enough Sofware as we know it. Let me elaborate...




Please reach us here:

Enough Software GmbH & Co. KG
Stavendamm 22
28195 Bremen